Ciarra and Leyla at the Fasanerie last summer

This is a picture of Ciarra and Leyla at the Fasanerie in Groß-Gerau last summer.

Ciarra loved taking good care of animals and she did it with all her heart.

She even volunteered at the Fasanerie and helped taking care of the animals.

On that day last summer, we had the opportunity to be guided by Ciarra.

This was a great experience, as she knew almost every name of every animal and could precisely explain the behaviour of all of them.

I remember laughing and smiling a lot that day and the three of us had an amazing time together.

You can tell by looking at her,that she loved taking care of animals and that it brought a lot of joy and inner peace to her.

Many big thinkers and philosophers have said that one´s personality, character and inner soul can be measured by the way he or she treats animals.

Keeping this in mind and looking at they way she was to people in need, I must say that Ciarra was the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life.

Her giving and loving heart has done a lot for people on this planet and she did not stop there.She had even more love inside to share with animals.

We all love you!

One thought on “Ciarra and Leyla at the Fasanerie last summer

  1. This post means so much to me. I can remember going to this small zoo in the middle of winter and helping to clean all of the animals and feed and care for them. It would not matter if it was cold or rain or snow Ciarra would make sure that we were there to help. I was and am so very proud of her. To see her there with Leyla brought tears to my eyes. Patrick and Leyla meant so much to her. We love you all!!! Thank you for this post.

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